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Edinburgh Tourism Action Group


BTS has undertaken several projects on behalf of ETAG, these include:


Business Opportunities guides


Edinburgh, A City of all seasons Business Opportunity Guide Winte

Edinburgh City has approximately one million unutilised serviced accommodation room nights each year of which 70% are in the months of October To March. However, there are many assets and resources  tourism businesses in Edinburgh can tap into to ensure visitors are attracted to the city all year round.


BTS were commissioned by ETAG to write and design the Edinburgh, A City of all seasons Business opportunity Guide Winter as a resource and support to help businesses become  more successful attracting year round business. 


Edinburgh, A World Heritage City Business Opportunity Guide

Over 4,000 historic buildings in Edinburgh city centre, World Heritage status and bags of history all around the city and surrounding areas. Visitors are looking for authentic, unique experiences and  you as tourism business can offer just that by promoting the heritage and history of the city.


BTS were commissioned by ETAG to update the Edinburgh, A World Heritage City Business Opportunity Guide with market facts and useful tips and tools to help businesses capitalise on the opportunities that the city’s World Heritage Status can bring to your business.


City of Literature Guide

Edinburgh was the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature in recognition of  both our rich literary heritage, and today’s vibrant contemporary literary scene.  Many visitors to Edinburgh will have experienced the city before they even arrive through books, authors, tv and film adaptations. Whether you know it or not, you are, when in Edinburgh, a ‘literary tourist’.  The links are all around us in the buildings and fabric of the city, in our many and varied literary events, and, if you’re lucky, you may even spot our world famous authors in the street!


BTS were commisioned by ETAG to write and design th City of Literature Guide informing businesses about Edinburgh's literary scene (old and new) and how to make most of this opportunity?  


ETAG and CruiseEdinburgh


The Edinburgh Tourism Action Group (ETAG) in partnership with CruiseEdinburgh and Scottish Enterprise commissioned BTS to project manage a pilot project to fully utilise the Cruise Terminal in Leith, improving the on-shore welcome and visitor experience for cruise passengers and providing an opportunity for local businesses to market themselves.