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How We Are Different

We uncover answers by sticking to our watchwords: Simple, Direct, Effective and when you talk to us you’ll find us:

  • Approachable and friendly. Much of our work comes to us through referral by clients who have benefited from our wide range of services.
  • We’ll talk to you in plain English. We know you want clear, concise information and don’t want to spend time sifting through complex reports
  • We’re flexible. We can work with you to keep you within your deadlines.
  • We understand SMEs - we know their challenges, we are insightful and we are sensitive to the barriers for growth. We can speak knowledgably to them and understand their organizational, financial and market conditions.
  • We’ll help you make the best use of your resources. We can identify the areas of your business that are the least profitable and those you should be looking to build on.
  • We help you stay focused on your core objectives. We can monitor performance and compare with projections and report these to you in a format you understand.
  • We are marketing and business professionals – all of us are marketeers and have applied knowledge in people development, brand development, market appraisals, new product development, marketing planning, and having had responsibilities for large teams, large budgets and delivering returns to shareholders and stakeholders.
  • We’ve developed new tourism products - from region-wide tourism products to company specific products, we know how to market test, develop and deliver new tourism opportunities, and keep a track of success. (Northern Ireland’s activity tourism product and Edinburgh’s 5 star Smart City Hostel are examples of our work).
  • We understand research - we draw on our own qualitative and quantitative data library, part of the BTS IP portfolio. Ivan as an economist is accomplished in all research processes and has a great ability to interpret research information to quickly advantage clients.


How we are different

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