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Lower River Bann Corridor 


Recreational and Tourism Opportunities

The Lower Bann River is navigable for 60km from the sea at the Barmouth to Lough Neagh. It is enjoyed by many recreational groups – from boat cruising, anglers, canoeists, water-skiers through to wildlife watchers and others. Along the length of the river activity zones aim to ensure that all recreational activities are accommodated safely.

The nature of existing recreational and tourism amenities suggests that there is scope to increase the number of visitors and users, but this needs to be carefully managed to avoid conflicts.  At the same time the Lower Bann is perhaps too well “hidden” and more people could just enjoy the landscapes and ambiance the Lower Bann offers.

We’ve been asked by Waterways Ireland, the local authorities, Sport NI, Tourism NI and the Irish Society to evaluate what the opportunities for additional visitation and recreation might be and how to manage it, as well as what investment might be needed. The Lower Bann itself is the focus of our attention, but a mile wide corridor is also part of the study area. Outdoor Recreation NI has joined our team to bring their expertise.

Our role is to research these aspects, look at available statistics and talking to users groups, voluntary organisations, tourism operators and stakeholders for your views. We’ll have a short survey and workshops, but you can also come straight back to us via our email.

If you would like to contribute to this project please contact:  Stewart Walker, BTS, 0131 625 7040 or follow this link to complete our BTS Projects Contact Form.

Industry Workshops


Industry workshops were held on 27th and 28th April as follows:

27th April: 7.00 – 9.00pm TIDAL Toome House 55 Main Street, Toomebridge, BT41 3TF

28th April: 7.00 – 9.00pm Sandel Centre, 6 Knocklynn Road, Coleraine, BT52 1WT




To participate in the industry survey please click on the category below that best fits your interests

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Tourism survey

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